Tuesday, September 1, 2015


To wake upon a mid-night’s dream
On distant shores, so far – between
In the arms of my one and only love

His tender gaze upon me – awakens
His soft lips softly caressing my flesh
As a dream within a dream of “l’amour”

Wrapped within his warming embrace
Afraid to fully waken and not be true
To forget reality, for a moments time

A walk on the beach and lay to relax
Listening closely to the crashing of waves
Against the rocky shoreline, as the wind
Whispers in minds-eye, “Amore Mio”
The distance, a question of space – time
As love grows within, fonder every day

In the midst of my day, absent all the same
Yet, I can see the vision of his adoring face
The sound of his voice that touches the core
The sweetness of his being, utterly at grace
The touch of his warm smile piercing my soul
As I can still taste the sweet temptation, of all

That makes him who he is, the one I truly love
To wake each - every day, with a tender smile
As all my thoughts resides in you “my muse”
The sole guardian of my mind, body and soul

«In tua presenza, assolutamente soddisfatta dal tuo amore
La nostra irresistibile tentazione - accettando questo
Mentre giaceva daccapo – tutti i pensieri di voi nel mio cuore
Con ogni fibra del mio essere, la tua assenza»

Copyright © 2011/2014 Lucy Martins


All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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Comatose Induction - Collaboration with Poetess Micki Hogan

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Embracing the agony of mortality lost
Mourning tears, released in darkness
Her immortal passion, unbound
In a millennium of solitude

Wings broken, fallen from grace
Words unspoken, falling into the void
Silence in vain, as screams go unheard
A fallen angel's pain, engraved in soul

Hopes and dreams, ripped at the seams
Be there no smiles of days, yet to come
Once upon a time, fairytale notions
Lay now in ruins, as the illusion fades

Stripped to the core, of all once adored
Growing numb within each passing day
Bleeding is the heart, lapping into a pool
As bloodshed tears fall in ceaseless fashion

She roams the moonlit paths, bemused
Lost in thought of divine recollections
Held close, cherished in a lullaby of love
In the sweet calling of the nights whisper

Beneath twinkling twilight, she roams
In this place so far away from home
Lost in cosmic purgatory, chained
Her life an untold story, silenced

No one has searched except for her
Lost in for an eternity, boundless
Searching for love forever at a lost
Long gone from this realm, extinct

She stares at a reflection she no longer sees,
an unshakeable phantom of pure misery
A destined fate to eternally roam alone
In the vast abyss, she now calls home

Copyright © 6/2013 Micki Hogan /Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Micki Hogan /Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©