Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spirit In The Night - A Collaboration with poet Chris Smith

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The winter’s snow is falling
A weary traveler feels alone
Shivering from the coldness
Lost out in the darkened night
Tired and wanting to collapse

But her face keeps him going
A beauty that was taken away
A wife who died so long ago
He never stopped loving her
Her voice seems to guide him

In every passing of the season
I cannot let go, selfish I know
So here I remain, in the shadows
Watching over him, leading him
Whispering my love as he sleeps

My beloved, how I wish to live
Being by his side and feel anew
The warmth of his touch, love
Yet fate would play a cruel role
As death came upon me suddenly

I see in his eyes, as he is exhausted
Ever so grief stricken with my loss
If I could take the hands of time
Going back to tell him of my love
How much I grieve, seeing his pain

She is my spirit in the night
Calling me, calling me home
The elements will not take me
She knows I am not ready
For she is waiting, always waiting

The long journey takes me home,
to a broken house and so empty
She made it always come alive
But I know she is here by my side
Comforting me, as I cry for her

Oh my sweet love, listen closely
Hear me, as I whisper your name
I know you do not fear death
As you feel my presence nearby
In every touch and kiss bestowed

Even though it is unfair, I await
Knowing that your time runs dry
Soon we shall come together anew
Despite all the heartache partaken
I will be at your side, as you awaken

Through the sadness and the tears
Even after all these years, a lifetime
We will rejoice in our love once more
As we cross the gates of heaven’s door
In eternal happiness, as we become one

Copyright © 2/2013 Chris Smith/Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Sunday, February 10, 2013


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She is what death fears most
A pulsating life force, energy
That shunts away darkness
Bringing all within the light

Be there no obstacle presented
That shall never triumph over
As the fire in essence consumes
One that is forever in motion

-He gives away his clairvoyance to her,
in November’s night
outside her door,
no condolence nor a flew of questions she remembers,
words just sank into the dark pool.

The darkness she perceives,
entices her in taking a leap,
as the consuming flame,
lulls her in such temptation,
as she yields to his song.

He sees her face beneath the mosaic stone,
her name on the graven floor,
She mellowed out her despair,
tints that glow
and the raven's bone
in his hands.

Enraptured by the force,
of the way he moves her,
held captivated in arms reach,
when the moon sings its lullaby,
as their souls begin to rotate about
the point beneath a slippery slope.

He soared to the altitude,
above her bespangled emotions,
brooked the eloquence of her burn,
aching of her eyes
until she was sated.

As the sound of faintness
and a cry of distress,
were on an exile,
when he fell on the lap of her
in the corner of her porch.

Copyright © 2013 Lucy Martins / Nikhil Sharma
All poetry by Lucy Martins / Nikhil Sharma are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©