Sunday, February 10, 2013


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She is what death fears most
A pulsating life force, energy
That shunts away darkness
Bringing all within the light

Be there no obstacle presented
That shall never triumph over
As the fire in essence consumes
One that is forever in motion

-He gives away his clairvoyance to her,
in November’s night
outside her door,
no condolence nor a flew of questions she remembers,
words just sank into the dark pool.

The darkness she perceives,
entices her in taking a leap,
as the consuming flame,
lulls her in such temptation,
as she yields to his song.

He sees her face beneath the mosaic stone,
her name on the graven floor,
She mellowed out her despair,
tints that glow
and the raven's bone
in his hands.

Enraptured by the force,
of the way he moves her,
held captivated in arms reach,
when the moon sings its lullaby,
as their souls begin to rotate about
the point beneath a slippery slope.

He soared to the altitude,
above her bespangled emotions,
brooked the eloquence of her burn,
aching of her eyes
until she was sated.

As the sound of faintness
and a cry of distress,
were on an exile,
when he fell on the lap of her
in the corner of her porch.

Copyright © 2013 Lucy Martins / Nikhil Sharma
All poetry by Lucy Martins / Nikhil Sharma are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


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OHHH clapping at this peice!! wicked good