Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poets Round Table No. 272 ~ People As Crazy As Me

People As Crazy As Me

I started out innocently, going out on the prowl,
In search of kindred spirits, fellow night owls;
Always last to call it a night, throw in the towel;
Never a shortage then of people as crazy as me.

the nights were only stolen kisses and fireflies
the moon was half-obscure and we were always wise
the stars were just our passions burning in disguise
back when I dreamed everyone was as crazy as me.

Always playing games like "swinging statues" in the dark,
Never been the same as being together in the park,
Only to see the sunrise to the singing meadowlark,
Being sixteen, with someone as crazy as me.

sneaking out the window after setting sun
jumping to the truck and whispering "shotgun"
beelining to the bushes into which we would run
reveling in the company of others as crazy as me.

Escapades of wild nights, hanging with friends
Going to nightclubs and bars, until night ends
Partying, dancing, running carefree in trends
Just chilling around, with friends as crazy as me.

Throwing ball in the street every hot summer night
Playing kiss-and-make-up after each stupid fight
Caution tossed to the wind, it'll turn out alright
I miss the days when life was as crazy as me.

DJ Myke

Stephan Anstey

Starr Poetress

Luna Soolay

Lucy Martins

Carter Todd

Poets Round Table is a weekly event.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tears of A Wreckage

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(A Collaboration with Author Karen Dewitt)

I traveled from the impassioned residue
in a beautiful confusion, in a stupor to the effects
my eyes withdrawn by the act of hatred

In pursuing this course of action, I set myself free
Unwilling to partake in these circumstances
As I look to make amends and be at peace in mind

I felt the mental imagery of lineage caducous; all the colors dark
its ego ship wrecked on naked pristine beaches- covered in diamonds
The pain of heartache within the depths of soul-less sink holes
pride had been left behind...

The chaos of reactions, so unjust that it pierces the resilience
Leaving behind in the aftermath of destruction, desolation
Haunting be these never-ending days, as within the spirit
It refuses to fade away…

In all its perturbations- the pavement disintegrated
- each step closer I came to you
Still the heart pulsates- the after-math ruined by the raging fire,
the beauty
lacking palms to aid the unfortunate person
the holocaust egresses from the hostility bath

Lost inside the imagery, played time and again in mind
The heart beckons for release from these chains, weighing
me down, in a deep desire to break free from these torments
When the darkness consumes, eating the essence in the core
Dragging me in the undertow of the current, from the wreckage

I stepped out from my mind- now a dignified spirit strolling the land
in a luscious contusion, in a splendor to the ambiance
these skies sullen with sorrow, by the act of fearful tongue

Thus, here I linger, walking eternally amongst the shadows
Broken beyond repair, as memories perturb ceaselessly
Now bloodshed tears commence to fall in profound silence

Copyright © 5/2012 Author Karen Dewitt /Lucy Martins

All poetry by Author Karen Dewitt /Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©