Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poets Round Table No. 272 ~ People As Crazy As Me

People As Crazy As Me

I started out innocently, going out on the prowl,
In search of kindred spirits, fellow night owls;
Always last to call it a night, throw in the towel;
Never a shortage then of people as crazy as me.

the nights were only stolen kisses and fireflies
the moon was half-obscure and we were always wise
the stars were just our passions burning in disguise
back when I dreamed everyone was as crazy as me.

Always playing games like "swinging statues" in the dark,
Never been the same as being together in the park,
Only to see the sunrise to the singing meadowlark,
Being sixteen, with someone as crazy as me.

sneaking out the window after setting sun
jumping to the truck and whispering "shotgun"
beelining to the bushes into which we would run
reveling in the company of others as crazy as me.

Escapades of wild nights, hanging with friends
Going to nightclubs and bars, until night ends
Partying, dancing, running carefree in trends
Just chilling around, with friends as crazy as me.

Throwing ball in the street every hot summer night
Playing kiss-and-make-up after each stupid fight
Caution tossed to the wind, it'll turn out alright
I miss the days when life was as crazy as me.

DJ Myke

Stephan Anstey

Starr Poetress

Luna Soolay

Lucy Martins

Carter Todd

Poets Round Table is a weekly event.

If you would like to participate, let Myke know.


Anonymous said...

This was fun to go back and re-visit. One of the best times I ever had with the PRT. ~ Myke

Lucy Martins said...

I really enjoyed being a part of this Myke, I think you should consider opening the PRT on Facebook, that would be fun =)Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of this, greatly appreciated always-