Thursday, September 10, 2015


(A Collaboration with Cherry Rose)

This love, a tug of war within my soul
Speaks out timelessly – unconstrained
As I listen to the whispers in the night
Coming alive, with a accessible insight

I am the name you say, in silent whispers
Keeping me hidden, within these shadows
My heart and soul – exposed to extension
As there be no secrets, from your mind’s eye

The struggle within my spirit, without end
Timelessly lured into you, with each hello
My angel of darkness, the light of my life
You take me on a journey, to distant lands

Mystified with the power that you possess
Longing to feel that sweet caress upon me
Falling eternally into the warmth of arms
Captured in my mind’s eye, before the fall

I arise from the dust, in a reborn silhouette
Holding onto every word, inside my heart
I thrive to hear your soft laugh, beside me
Bestowing unto you, all that resides in core

Who is this foreigner, that touches my heart
Stripping away, all I dare hide in shadows
Yet, knows all my secrets and my regrets
Whispered into the soul, forever treasured

As I am the dark secret, that remains unseen
Waiting throughout the night, until sunrises
Searching for a moment in time, to re-emerge
Before all is lost, never to return – in the light

Memories, are now locked profoundly in heart
Veiled ceaselessly, awaiting for the sun anew
Bringing forth faith, in the wisdom of knowing
What is destined, will become before set eyes

Copyright © 4/2012 Lucy Martins/Cherry Rose

All poetry by Lucy Martins/Cherry Rose are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


(A Collaboration with Kimber Gelineau)

See now the vision before you
Look deeply within these eyes
Of a love beyond restrictions

As I now lay here with a smile
Hidden is the pain, held in core
Silenced behind steel – concrete

A prisoner of your desires – lost
Refusing to give in – to fall prey
Plagued by the thoughts of love

Leading me not into temptation
Struggling against vain promises
Nevermore submissive – inclined

Useless it would be for one to beg
As the heart is doomed – captive
Vain attempts to remove shackles

Freedom now long gone – hostage
To a love, that binds me to only you
A true Master of the game – known

No longer willing to be a your pawn 
A mere puppet to dance to this tune
Gone are the days of non-existence

The beauty you see laying before you
Is but what skims the surface of me
Within is the strength to overcome

A lingering desire that lies inside
No longer a mere pawn to partake
In these games of chance – caprice

The power you possess – vanished
Nevermore chained to materialism
Now comes the destruction of you

As I slowly fade away, lost forever
By no means shall you find me now
Captured are you now, missing me

Recalling each sweet kiss bestowed
My passionate touch upon your flesh
The love I gave, so unconditionally

In this game played without thought
Now a victim that you have become
By own means of greed and betrayal

As the unraveling of your existence
Commences, cherished be my heart
The one that you fully pushed away

Copyright © 2012 Lucy Martins / Kimber Gelineau

All poetry by Lucy Martins / Kimber Gelineau are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©