Thursday, October 1, 2015

As September Ends by Lucy Martins and Flowetic Justice

The forthcoming of fall is upon us As autumn winds, commence anew Spellbound, gazing at the harvest moon A revelation that awakens the essence

I now yearn for the cold, long nights As the darkness is a port, my haven Becoming one with the elements In the coming fury of the tempests
The raging – untamed force of nature As the winds howl, placating my soul A heart undone, becoming whole anew Beckons to heal, even for a brief moment Within the deafening roar of the storm

May there be a season of awaiting sorrow As the leaves fall, kindred to falling tears Silenced is the voice; words remain unheard An eerie feeling consumes, yet fascinates The calling felt deeply within the core

I see the light in this darkness, the path Yet, I stray far away from these rays The dark grey skies that now befall Are kindred to the minds-eye ,befitting  All that which now resides, in this heart

Be there a time, as I so longed for the sun Those days, now lost in a different space An era that once was, but now gone astray A creature of the night I am, a dark nymph One that cannot be caged, nor constrained

Listen; listen ever so closely to the melody As the moon begins to sing a sweet lullaby So serene, bewitching the senses timelessly Do NOT speak of the warmth of the sun A nymph of the night I am – captivated

In cover of shadows do I dwell, eternally As the season comes and goes –reflecting A heart that bleeds with no sign of stopping Pressing the pen unto page – without end

Yes my beloved, my moon, my sweet muse I have loved you since the beginning of time Fallen mesmerized within the magnitude, Of your enigmatic nature –bewildered As the radiance completes my dark heart

I roam beneath the silvery moonlit paths Dancing and swirling amongst the stars As new found life pulsates in these veins In the anticipation of your sweet release

- Lucy
I cast the shadows of my fever upon her encased in the  breath of the autumn breeze. I have watched her roam in her loneliness from a far, betwixt the many minions of my only companions, the shimmer of those infinite stars. , yearning for her in the lifetime of my suspended longing.

She used to trot hot with the fools who  fought their fever in the solar gaze, those who only knew the imperfect rapture of the morning rise, and not the sweet darkened dominion held in the end of days. I waited so patiently for her to stray as she shunned the fondness of the lunar mass.

My path to her was an arduous one and I knew my journey would not  be short in length  but she was different from all the others I had seen and I was captivated  each night by the subtle beauty of her vision. The heart of the ancient awoken slowly overtime in its hardened thump each time I became the target of her eyes. .

I am commander the demons of the darkness, I am the puppeteer of  the shadows that cling long as they sign their names on infinite walls, and I am the architect that manipulates each strand of silver that descends in the depths  of  the night. Yet she was my infinite detraction and soon became the focus of my eternal intent.

The leaves began their death dance upon the withering limbs of the trees of man and season changed to that of the sinful and dammed, for such is the cycle of each earthly year. I could hear the painful pour of her tears as she was enveloped in the sweet sorrow of the summers lost. Aye, ‘tis the time of the coming frost where I become ruler of the fallen dawn and the emperor of the malevolent eve.
In that September so sublime I knew that she would be mine, for she came to with extended hand so fair. I held her there.  in the silence of my sequestered realm, as we lay swinging wide in the waiting cradle of doom. We bonded in the lap of a centuries storm for it had been forewarned that the day would come when I would have my bride.

The ravens caw in their approval , the wolves howl from mountain high, the bats ride the currents of the air, and the creatures of the night rejoice. Her voice called to me in my woven solitude and now here she has unburdened me from the shackles of my simplistic resolve and blessed me with the thorny crown of the light that drowns for I became her white prince of her black eclipse the moment my name fell from her lips.

We gather our wool for the ensuing winter when she will dance beneath me on the seas of frigid ice as I send the spot of my illumination down upon her and watch her twirl beneath my kingdom of the endless pitch. The season of my sweet wicked witch, for we have  both succumbed to the deviance of each other’s spell. What stories we shall tell as become intertwined in the hungers of the tundra’s frozen boon.  

She is my ascending descending angel that flew to my side from the soils of the planet that spins at my feet. My queen of  tortured elegance, the twisted sister to the sirens of the sea that call the ships to their ends, the first to let me enter her depths  and wipe away the fetid waters that had been wept and the inglorious pain brought to her by hands of men. Let me leave my sanctioned mark upon her waiting skin as I become the envy of the elders of time and lord of my celestial kin.

In time we shall become the legendary sum of  the opaque one, filling the hole of the halved as is becomes the mold of whole. She the navigator of my revolutions  and I the slated gate keeper the prison of her precious soul. For such are the melodious played by those who hear the thunder of their forgotten fruition  and the call of their forbidden lust, the resolution that join us in the only glorious pact that we shall ever trust, in the seas of the seasons when the days turn cold.

This is how it begins, when the flames burn in the ties that bind and the chords that forever burn, the wheels that secretly turn, as September ends.

- Justice

Copyright © 2/2014 Lucy Martins/Thoughts of a Single Man © 2014  tm

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Love Dreamed

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Winds of change have commenced 
So forceful that pacifies – placates 
Such tortured a soul through ages 
Dare smile, as you pick up the pen 
As words spew forth once again

 A Love Dreamed 

A mere glimpse – The vision of you 
A silly smile plays across my face 
Bringing new meaning to life 
An invisible force – magnetic pull 
As rebirth seeps back into soul

A Love Dreamed 

Philosophy of life kindred to my own 
Making one dare to dream anew 
A mere possibility finding ones way 
As beliefs, collide so harmoniously 
A connection with no need for words

 A Love Dreamed 

Reborn from certain death of me 
Ever to feel whole in every sense 
Much needed peace of mind 
An accomplice to my soul 
A part of me, making one

 A Love Dreamed 

Opening my heart, abandonment 
Nevermore to hold back, melting 
To feel your touch upon my skin 
Longing to feel whole, alive 
In every sense of this meaning 

A Love Dreamed 

Like a dream within a dream 
A vision – A recollection 
Lost through space and time 
Déjà Vu´ images in minds-eye 
As all thought resides in you 

Copyright © 6/2011 Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Ode to the Venomous

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Smiles of yesterday
Now long gone
In the midst of decay
The heart befalls sorrow

With every passing of day
Images play without end
Twisting one inside – out
Calling solace unto soul

The weight of the world
As trials and convictions
Consume the essence
In a ceaseless fashion

Toxic tongues spewing
Malice – lies in deceit
No knowledge of truth
Reveling in own mayhem

In absolute bitterness
Do they dwell
Duality in persona
“Hidden” from the world

Not! I see their faces!
May mercy befall them!
As “karma” shall rule
As the true self unveils

Tis’ known the eternal rule
However, it may be awhile
At the hands of true fate
As love swiftly turns to hate

In my spirit, be there only love
Bestowing endless compassion
To those who reign within heart
Surrendering to destined course 

Through the weakness of core
Comes the strength within
Rising resolutely to occasion
In a state of enlightenment
Copyright © 11/2012 Lucy Martins

 All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Ode to the Dishonorable

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Tell me my “friend”
What ails you?
Is it envy of my life?
Shall we switch roles?

I would gladly bestow
All heartache – sorrow
Carried throughout life
In the depths of the abyss

Speak not of the unknown
Instead, peer within mirror
Seeing your vile reflection
This shall not delude me

For I shall never be you
Nor can you ever be me
Able to hold my head high
With no doubt or shame

Death can call upon me
As in this heart – soul
No guilt weighs me down
Can “you” say the same?

Copyright © 11/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Calling - A Collaboration with Poet Todd A. Carter

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A calling amidst the moon and stars
of a love so divine that transcends
A longing of the hearts desire
a completion of the counterpart

Silence reigns the days and nights
as sorrow takes hold of existence
Hoping to be heard in the whispers
of the sublime nights beckoning

The longing felt is much deeper than
the shallow desires of mind
Two souls still intertwined eternal
long after the flesh untangles of carnal lust´

You feel a hunger that never ceases
as the heart pangs to be nourished
sense the haunting radiance
The slivers tease, of moon lit nights


On a distant shore, loves sublime
be the sole possessor of the key
The one who shall unlock all
of which resides within heart

Such sweet mysteries to unravel
within the mind, body and soul
In the silence of nights whispers
carried upon the autumns breeze


......Of closed eyes and fingers tips
Lips softly trace the trail of tears
and taste the salts of long dead seas,
where the sirens call was laid to rest

Sweet music like chimes in spring
inebriated in the scent of rose
and the velvety smooth, petals touch
as the whippoorwill sings


Awaiting a sign amid the silence
hearing the captivating melodies
Enraptured is the essence of being
as I yearn to yield to song anew

To awaken in true loves embrace
as days, go by in tell-a-tale fashion
Where nothing else exists – absent
a mere moment in time, at a standstill

During the night as I listen…
                  It is where you listen…
To the beckoning of another’s core
In each heartbeat filled with sorrow

Copyright © 12/2012 Lucy Martins/Todd A. Carter

All poetry by Lucy Martins/Todd A. Carter are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


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I gaze silently at the stars
Shining so brightly above
Lost in thought so deeply
A calling unto the essence
Longing to feel a presence
As my whispers are carried
Upon a soft spring breeze

Known is what resides in core
Utterly sublime be this notion
So immeasurable – so timeless
The undying silence bestowed
Unhinges all reason – disbelief
Grows within mind – uncertain
Be these thoughts – disturbed

Longing to reach out – touch
Another soul – as did my own
Ever so deeply, now imprinted
A missing piece called in time
In sweet melodies of the night
Through visions once revealed 
Inside the window of my soul

Sharing these divine mysteries
Unknown – be the light of day
Known – be the calling of night
Communicating, in minds-eye
Gifting the power of knowledge
When darkness now descends
Underneath the moon – stars

We become one with nature
Absorb every sound – listen
In which, it shall tell a story
Unfolding a destined course
Seeing what eyes will not see
Hear the sweet calling within
Ascending as the spirit soars

Traveling, betwixt space – time
Feel the warmth of a soft touch
Held close, in such sweet rapture
Wrapped around in times of need
Serenity – be solace unto the soul
Listen to the melody of the heart
As it calls out forever, voicelessly  

Copyright © 3/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Rise Above

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I rise - I fall
With the coming of fall
Nature takes hold
Within each, every turn
I scream upon deaf ears
No understanding - Indifference
I look through eyes of darkness
In this light - I take flight
Soaring through darkened skies
My silhouette against moonlight
A vision - Pure, yet simple
In the dark there is light
Amongst light, there is darkness
Not all seen is good
Only the blind can see
In this constant battle
Back and forth
A constant swaying motion
As you look upon the sea
The coming and going of tide
Beautiful in light
A splendor cast within moon’s light
A picture captured
Yes, the true essence
The fine line we walk
Capture this motion
Sweeping all in my wake
I see the light in darkness
Other’s can see light in day
Look beyond the naked eye
Fear not darkened forms of beauty
Dance within its light-
A beacon that shines - Guides
In moonlight whispers
Calling through distant shores

Copyright © 2006/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Monday, September 28, 2015

The Messenger Raven

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In the silence of the night
I hear a sound at my window
A calling I cannot disregard
As I see the Raven at my sill

He comes to me now and then
As the restlessness consumes
Confirming my deepest fears
I heavily bear within the core

In doubtful moments that subsist
Even as he speaks to me in visions
Presenting what shall come forth
In a steadfast fashion that perturb

I do not fear death, nor its calling
I take heed to every sound uttered
As the night begins to sing to me
A lullaby of revelations to come

No matter what can be said or done
Known is that destiny shall prevail
Even in times of sorrow – desolation
As sure as fates conspire ceaselessly

He is only but one of many messengers
That comes to call within space and time
As nature reveals itself before set eyes
One I embrace with an open heart – mind

Be this a gift, a curse, a calling in disguise
In knowing, I become wiser with awareness
Of what shall rule, from the impending days
A forewarning, as the outcome comes forward

Alas, true recollection of the divinity of nature…

Copyright © 4/2013 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Circus of Love By Cherry Rose & Lucy Martins

In love, kindred to a trapeze act
Balancing, the ups – the downs
As love me, love me not vows
Commence to weigh within mind

Will he catch my heart as it falls?
A question that rises to occasion
Wishing on a star and deem it true
Looking deep in his soul, for a sign

Will I have to walk the tight rope?
Treading carefully, so not to fall
Restoring the balance, once lost
Yet, the fine line we dare saunter

Held closely to the core, memories
As, I feel the soft breeze of his caress
Upon my skin, leaving me breathless
Longing evermore to reach out anew

Words, spoken with such tenderness
Playing within mind, ever so charming
With each – every thought lay exposed
Taking me on a sweet journey – l’amour

Or shall it be today, will he let me sway
Falling into the vast abyss – unhinged
Unleashing whispered secrets in heart
Nevermore to see light of day – veiled

Will it be on this day, I will bounce back?
Looking into another’s eyes without care
Searching for a familiar face in the crowd
Only to lock eyes once more in all I adore

As I now freely fly, within space and time
Be there no more need, for such equilibrium
For his fingertips, have touched me deeply
Where no other would dare embark – view

A part of my existence transformed in one
In the awakening of transcendent visions
That marks the stage of a new point in era
Forever to subsist in the arms of the muse

Copyright © 2012 Cherry Rose/ Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Cherry Rose /Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Poet’s Heart

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The tapestry of the words
Woven in delicate creation
Spun with imagery in mind
Bringing out the true vision
Of a cleverly laid design

Pressing pen unto page anew
Being writ within divine light
Or created in darken imagery
In a sole purpose of piercing
The silence of nights embrace

Each - every message presented
Hold the power to shed light
Even in the darkest of hours
Bleeding words in abandonment
Be it in sorrow, angst or be it love

Copyright © 8/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Darkest Of Desires - Collaboration with Poet Chris Smith

                     Picture by David Chan Photography 07-0067-0034

A distant man with distant heart
Kept her, a fallen Angel, in a cage
Never would he let her be seen
But every night he visited her
Entranced by her naked beauty

Fallen from grace I now linger
Utterly spellbound by my captor
Veiled, remaining in the shadows
Untouchable – Quite vulnerable
Entangled, I shall never break free

Her thoughts within his head
He wants to take her, desire her
But afraid to surrender to lust
Always watching her, needing her
This dark Angel of hidden mystery

Clueless I am where this will lead
I can feel from afar a deep longing
Yet, I am mystified with every move
Hoping for a sign to appease my soul
To not have fallen from grace in vain

Oh, how I wish to know his thoughts
If it is not at all a dream within a dream
On the edge I now stand – so insecure
As I tread these waters ever so lightly
Frightened to awaken to a harsh reality

No longer can he resist the urge
Opening the cage and takes her
She does not resist, welcomes him
He penetrates deep into her soul
Both lost in the art of experimentation
She takes all he gives and wants more

Over and over again, they have their way
Never has she surrendered before like this
He cannot match to her satisfaction
As he fears her, the Angel of Death
Knowing she will never age, never die

He knows she longs to keep her
Wanted her forbidden lover,
these emotions are unexpected
He will always be her temptation,
now he leaves but forgets to lock the cage

Never in my darkest of desires did I dare,
surrender in total abandonment of my soul
I long for more, but my captor now eludes me
Should I escape, there shall be no going back
So here, I linger awaiting his return in my arms…

Copyright © 31/12/2012 Chris Smith/Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Reverie - Collaboration with Poetess Poppy Ruth Silver

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Dreams pulsate within this heart
That has woven ribbons
Around ether's wishes
Ambient in tone

Listen to this intoxicating lullaby
That moves the core
Amid wishful thoughts
As visions reoccur

Envision the beauty within soul
In each shade of autumn
Stirring dormant emotions
In unspoken desire  

Always tangible
Is the intricate web of life
Or breath of mysticism
Winds carry forth a dream
Surrendered on a butterfly's wings

Listen with heart content
There beats a drum
In time with our passions
We only have to still a moment

See what eyes cannot
Hear the silence
As whispers are carried
Calling to one…
Capturing the other

Falling within a rhapsody
Enlightening the core
Twirling about in bliss
As the spirit ascends
Transcending expectation

Copyright © 12/2012 Poppy Ruth Silver /Lucy Martins

All poetry by Poppy Ruth Silver/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Darkest of Desires II - Collaboration with Poet Chris Smith

                                   Picture by David Chan Photography 07-0067-0034

In the darkest of my secret desires
It becomes unsettling as time passes
The silence of these days and nights
As I wait, longing for my beloved

I become lost, in a loving memory
Yearning to become alive anew
As only, he can touch my soul
Ever so profoundly, in every touch
Soaring in abandonment – awakened

I cannot envision a life without love
Since the day I have fallen from grace
I was dually blessed and then cursed
As I am alone in the mind’s memoirs
Awaiting the break of unbearable silence

Years have passed him by
His youth seems fading away
Still she is as fresh as before
From the first moment he captured her
Now he watches her from the shadows

Remembers the sweet feel of her flesh,
the sensation of her kisses of nectar
He never locked the cage, she stayed
She yearns for him each and every night
But now he finds himself too afraid

For he is only mortal, she is Eternal
An Angel of Death fallen in love
If only he dared to approach her
Take her now in a fury of lust,
could she still crave this withered shell?

Penetrating the stillness of the night
I can hear a voice, long thought astray
I can feel the blood pulsating in my veins
As I cry out for my beloved to come anew
Even as times passes, nothing has changed

Though my wings have has been clipped
As I had fallen into forbidden temptation
I remain the same, though he has now aged
I care naught for appearances, as in my eyes
It is the pureness of his heart, which lures me

I cannot help but wonder where he dwells
Grasping unto faith, that he shall return
Accepting, with no remorse of what was
Surrendering to this love, I so freely offer
United as one being, forever without end

He dares to approach her once again
Long ago he felt no love in his soul
But she has changed how he once was
An ancient naked body, he now offers
To this beauty that smiles to welcome him

He responds to the gentle touches she gives
Feeling like a young man again, once more
Lovers in this night of forgotten shadows,
daring to surrender to desires of the flesh
Allowing two hearts to be now, as one

Then he feels the agony within his chest
Age has taken a toll for a moment to cherish
He holds her as she trembles, knowing
The last thing he sees are an Angels tears
As in the final moments, he dies in her arms

After waiting for so long, it seems cruel
Befalling such heartfelt sorrow, losing
Once again my beloved, as destiny rules
Fallen from grace, atonement must be paid
Pleading now for redemption for my sins

I know there is no going back to paradise
As I have found heaven, here earthbound
It is now within my power, to make amends
Bestowing my love upon those in dire need
Finding peace in the light of loves true gift

A state of a higher power that takes hold
Ruling now these days, that comes forth
Nevermore in the darkest of my desires,
as I find the strength within to arise anew
In moving on, with all of my heart and soul

Copyright © 1/2013 Lucy Martins/Chris Smith
All poetry by Lucy Martins/Chris Smith are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©