Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Calling - A Collaboration with Poet Todd A. Carter

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A calling amidst the moon and stars
of a love so divine that transcends
A longing of the hearts desire
a completion of the counterpart

Silence reigns the days and nights
as sorrow takes hold of existence
Hoping to be heard in the whispers
of the sublime nights beckoning

The longing felt is much deeper than
the shallow desires of mind
Two souls still intertwined eternal
long after the flesh untangles of carnal lust´

You feel a hunger that never ceases
as the heart pangs to be nourished
sense the haunting radiance
The slivers tease, of moon lit nights


On a distant shore, loves sublime
be the sole possessor of the key
The one who shall unlock all
of which resides within heart

Such sweet mysteries to unravel
within the mind, body and soul
In the silence of nights whispers
carried upon the autumns breeze


......Of closed eyes and fingers tips
Lips softly trace the trail of tears
and taste the salts of long dead seas,
where the sirens call was laid to rest

Sweet music like chimes in spring
inebriated in the scent of rose
and the velvety smooth, petals touch
as the whippoorwill sings


Awaiting a sign amid the silence
hearing the captivating melodies
Enraptured is the essence of being
as I yearn to yield to song anew

To awaken in true loves embrace
as days, go by in tell-a-tale fashion
Where nothing else exists – absent
a mere moment in time, at a standstill

During the night as I listen…
                  It is where you listen…
To the beckoning of another’s core
In each heartbeat filled with sorrow

Copyright © 12/2012 Lucy Martins/Todd A. Carter

All poetry by Lucy Martins/Todd A. Carter are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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