Friday, April 26, 2013

La Notte Eterna

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Here am I – motionless - lost
As my eyes sting with emotion
Aching deeply within – silenced

In love with eternal night am I
As my loving sun has gone astray
I search for hope – a clue in mind

A mere word betwixt moon – stars
Knowing we can see – hear in tune
So sweet – divine in nature – blissful

In the silence of the night I remain
Until the sun returns to my grace
Once again and falling into eternity

For now I shall stay in “Notte Eterna”
Known is every corner in this realm
The opposite so new – strange to me

To bask in the moonlight I perceive
Yet, the sun burns my flesh – hurting
Inside – out, for unbearable is silence

I have crossed into the night – anew
Day of light no longer passes swiftly by
The night beckons unto me – insistently
Calling out to me - in voiceless whispers

The mistress of the night by own will
Loving the beauty within the darkness
Until the fates once again draw light

Bringing back my one and only, keeper
Of the keys so to unlock sweet, divine
Mysteries within my soul, still unknown
To me and the world around my being

All I can say – is that my heart beckons
Bleeding for release – that is me – you
Eternally in the sweet melody of the night

Copyright © 2011/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

Betwixt a Myth and Reality – A Collaboration w/ Poet Chris Smith

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Do you believe in Dragons,
watching over this world?
Myths of a forgotten legend,
from an older time now gone

If only this modern age,
could be full of heroes
Barbarians from another era,
where the maidens were fair

In this, mystical far off land
Captured am I by cruel fate
Alone in the highest tower
Longing to be saved, rescued

Oh, where art thou my knight?
As I know, time stands still
Even as days, pass me by slowly
Turning into months, now years

If only this knight,
could reach into the past,
Be a hero of another time
Instead of trapped in today

Pictures of her so long ago
Reflected in the pages,
of a book of ages gone
If only I could rescue her

Upon ages here I have remained
Knowing in this heart, tis’ pointless
As harsh reality comes to awaken
No one can save me except myself

Beliefs of what could be, extinct
Be there no hero’s of these times
Forever at lost, betwixt space – time
As I rise to the challenge, a warrior

She keeps haunting my dreams
How can the unreal, be so real?
Centuries split her away from me
Another place in another time

In my dreams, I see her fighting
Sword against the dragon hoard
I believed this only imagination
But she seems to call me from afar

Am I falling into madness?
Awaiting, for my dreams to come true
Can I reach across the realms of time?
If I rescue her, will she in turn rescue me?

Even as the night descends, I dream
It takes me to a different era – time
Such serenity takes over my existence
As I whisper his name, to come save me

In each passing day, I grow weary of battles
Fought ceaselessly, alone I dare challenge
A longing for my knight, to stand with me
Facing all opposed, united as one entity

Tis a dream, naught more, for alone I stand
As I draw my sword in this endless battle
Against the demons of these days – nights
Consuming my essence, unto exhaustion

Then the night took me to a different reality,
In finally being together, to battle as one soul
Leaving behind me another world, a part of me
As sometimes we must fight, to follow our dreams

Copyright © 4/2013 Chris Smith /Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©