Friday, April 26, 2013

La Notte Eterna

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Here am I – motionless - lost
As my eyes sting with emotion
Aching deeply within – silenced

In love with eternal night am I
As my loving sun has gone astray
I search for hope – a clue in mind

A mere word betwixt moon – stars
Knowing we can see – hear in tune
So sweet – divine in nature – blissful

In the silence of the night I remain
Until the sun returns to my grace
Once again and falling into eternity

For now I shall stay in “Notte Eterna”
Known is every corner in this realm
The opposite so new – strange to me

To bask in the moonlight I perceive
Yet, the sun burns my flesh – hurting
Inside – out, for unbearable is silence

I have crossed into the night – anew
Day of light no longer passes swiftly by
The night beckons unto me – insistently
Calling out to me - in voiceless whispers

The mistress of the night by own will
Loving the beauty within the darkness
Until the fates once again draw light

Bringing back my one and only, keeper
Of the keys so to unlock sweet, divine
Mysteries within my soul, still unknown
To me and the world around my being

All I can say – is that my heart beckons
Bleeding for release – that is me – you
Eternally in the sweet melody of the night

Copyright © 2011/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Poppy said...

Such intensity, your writing lures and moves xoxo

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the love Poppy <3 xoxo

Myke Todd said...

Such a compelling petition, Lucy. I got so caught up in the emotional swell, I had to go back and re-connect with the text.

signed and sighed: Myke

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the love Myke =)