Saturday, December 16, 2017


Image ©José António de Freitas

The forthcoming of fall is upon us
As autumn winds, commence anew
Spellbound, gazing at the harvest moon
A revelation that awakens the essence

I now yearn for the cold, long nights
As the darkness is a port, my haven
Becoming one with the elements
In the coming fury of the tempests

The raging – untamed force of nature
As the winds howl, placating my soul
A heart undone, becoming whole anew
Beckons to heal, even for a brief moment
Within the deafening roar of the storm

May there be a season of awaiting sorrow
As the leaves fall, kindred to falling tears
Silenced is the voice; words remain unheard
An eerie feeling consumes, yet fascinates
The calling felt deeply within the core

I see the light in this darkness, the path
Yet, I stray far away from these rays
The dark grey skies that now befall
Are kindred to the minds-eye, befitting
All that which now resides, in this heart

Be there a time, as I so longed for the sun
Those days, now lost in a different space
An era that once was, but now gone astray
A creature of the night I am, a dark nymph
One that cannot be caged, nor constrained

Listen; listen ever so closely to the melody
As the moon begins to sing a sweet lullaby
So serene, bewitching the senses timelessly
Do NOT speak of the warmth of the sun
A nymph of the night I am – captivated

In cover of shadows do I dwell, eternally
As the season comes and goes –reflecting
A heart that bleeds with no sign of stopping
Pressing the pen unto page – without end

Yes my beloved, my moon, my sweet muse
I have loved you since the beginning of time
Fallen mesmerized within the magnitude,
Of your enigmatic nature –bewildered
As the radiance completes my dark heart

I roam beneath the silvery moonlit paths
Dancing and swirling amongst the stars
As newfound life pulsates in these veins
In the anticipation of your sweet release

Copyright © 2/2014 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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