Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reverie - Collaboration with Poetess Poppy Ruth Silver

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Dreams pulsate within this heart
That has woven ribbons
Around ether's wishes
Ambient in tone

Listen to this intoxicating lullaby
That moves the core
Amid wishful thoughts
As visions reoccur

Envision the beauty within soul
In each shade of autumn
Stirring dormant emotions
In unspoken desire  

Always tangible
Is the intricate web of life
Or breath of mysticism
Winds carry forth a dream
Surrendered on a butterfly's wings

Listen with heart content
There beats a drum
In time with our passions
We only have to still a moment

See what eyes cannot
Hear the silence
As whispers are carried
Calling to one…
Capturing the other

Falling within a rhapsody
Enlightening the core
Twirling about in bliss
As the spirit ascends
Transcending expectation

Copyright © 12/2012 Poppy Ruth Silver /Lucy Martins

All poetry by Poppy Ruth Silver/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Allan Mobley said...

wow , your poems move one so!

PMPope said...

I enjoy the spiraling movement of this piece. The only 'curious observation' I'd wish to offer, (and this is quite possibly due to my own philosophic/poetic journey), does not transcendency imply a 'getting over it' philosophy, as opposed to the continual ascendancy into the completeness? Love your work, ladies.

alex-ness said...

kick ass!