Sunday, September 27, 2015

Circus of Love By Cherry Rose & Lucy Martins

In love, kindred to a trapeze act
Balancing, the ups – the downs
As love me, love me not vows
Commence to weigh within mind

Will he catch my heart as it falls?
A question that rises to occasion
Wishing on a star and deem it true
Looking deep in his soul, for a sign

Will I have to walk the tight rope?
Treading carefully, so not to fall
Restoring the balance, once lost
Yet, the fine line we dare saunter

Held closely to the core, memories
As, I feel the soft breeze of his caress
Upon my skin, leaving me breathless
Longing evermore to reach out anew

Words, spoken with such tenderness
Playing within mind, ever so charming
With each – every thought lay exposed
Taking me on a sweet journey – l’amour

Or shall it be today, will he let me sway
Falling into the vast abyss – unhinged
Unleashing whispered secrets in heart
Nevermore to see light of day – veiled

Will it be on this day, I will bounce back?
Looking into another’s eyes without care
Searching for a familiar face in the crowd
Only to lock eyes once more in all I adore

As I now freely fly, within space and time
Be there no more need, for such equilibrium
For his fingertips, have touched me deeply
Where no other would dare embark – view

A part of my existence transformed in one
In the awakening of transcendent visions
That marks the stage of a new point in era
Forever to subsist in the arms of the muse

Copyright © 2012 Cherry Rose/ Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Cherry Rose /Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©