Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Love Dreamed

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Winds of change have commenced 
So forceful that pacifies – placates 
Such tortured a soul through ages 
Dare smile, as you pick up the pen 
As words spew forth once again

 A Love Dreamed 

A mere glimpse – The vision of you 
A silly smile plays across my face 
Bringing new meaning to life 
An invisible force – magnetic pull 
As rebirth seeps back into soul

A Love Dreamed 

Philosophy of life kindred to my own 
Making one dare to dream anew 
A mere possibility finding ones way 
As beliefs, collide so harmoniously 
A connection with no need for words

 A Love Dreamed 

Reborn from certain death of me 
Ever to feel whole in every sense 
Much needed peace of mind 
An accomplice to my soul 
A part of me, making one

 A Love Dreamed 

Opening my heart, abandonment 
Nevermore to hold back, melting 
To feel your touch upon my skin 
Longing to feel whole, alive 
In every sense of this meaning 

A Love Dreamed 

Like a dream within a dream 
A vision – A recollection 
Lost through space and time 
Déjà Vu´ images in minds-eye 
As all thought resides in you 

Copyright © 6/2011 Lucy Martins 

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Poppy said...

Superb ~ you push boundaries of beauty ♥

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the love Poppy, I am honored <3