Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Truth or Dare

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(A Collaboration with Missy Davis)

How can one deny set truth in actions
Blinded, in denial to see what lies beyond
Picturesque images reflected
Astounded by such an obtuse nature
Come what may, I am not surprised

Unknown are the hearts of the core foundation
A love story so pure, predestined to belong
Now shadowed by a slow, yet painful demise
Picturesque imagery played before eyes
Come what may, I am not surprised

Out of control desire to seize
Unbelievable creature of nature, so to expose
Picturesque images bared in eyes
Come what may, I am not surprised

Games of truth or dare come to call
Life’s realties played to the very best
Pieces of my soul partaken, unified in one
Blinded are those who cannot see
If truth be told now, surprised are we

Simple-minded nature, by no means to consider
Known is the true likes of what goes beyond
The barer of keys, light to my darkness
A lifetime of existence to carry on
Look beyond picturesque images
Reflections upon all seeds of darkness
Come what may, I am not surprised

Wanton exposure for all to see
Makeshift realities spun
Fantasies come undone
What has been destined shall always be
Picturesque images reflected by family

If truth be told now, I am now surprised

©Michelle Davis
©Lucy Martins


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Flows perfectly and such emotion, flawless xox

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you Poppy <3 I truly enjoyed writing this one with Missy Davis =)