Thursday, September 3, 2015

Song & Dance

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Listen to the tune,
on a pipe of bone
Sweating this final night,
for I am now coming for you
Belonging to me – succumb

Run into your nightmare,
because there is no escape
Long ago you spurned me,
ignored what you thought fantasy,
daring to try – to seduce the dark

I am the sweet melody of the night
Entrancing those who may take heed
In a beloved song and dance I so chant
Kindred to a spell that shall bewitch
Enticing victims of prey within my web

I am barer of death, the earthbound angel
That comes with the nights calling
Beneath the moon and stars spiraling
Among pearls of light in a sweet lullaby
I do not fear you death, as I am immortal

Dance for me amongst the fallen
Listen to this pipe once again,
tempting the lost souls to follow
Lead them down to the river,
for the Ferryman awaits them

Listen to the endless cries of lost souls
When the music stops playing,
the dancing shall cease altogether
It is when damnation will come,
taking them down the road to Hell

The dance of death shall come forth
As I spiral and swirl about in tune
Chanting along with the piper,
In the sweet song, I begin to sing
Enticing them to follow my lead

See the merry faces, as they succumb
Tempted by the delusion of a “siren”
As I lead them astray, along the banks
To where the piper plays and lingers
Taking the lost souls deeper in the abyss

In the darkness of one’s wildest dreams
Be there “the piper” and “the banshee”
Searching for lost souls in the night
As they play and dance to the music
Taking them across the gates of fate

Copyright © 2013 Chris Smith/Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


alex-ness said...

wonderful words of wonderfilled writers.

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you Alex =)

Anonymous said...

there it is,,,the wickedly dark and inticing ink I hav been craving!!

Love the dark writes!!! Oracle