Sunday, September 13, 2015

Silent Rage In The Darkness

(A Collaboration with Poet Chris Smith)

Hush my little one
They might hear
We must be silent
Not let them find us
For they never understand

They hate who we are
Always hunting us
We try to survive
But still they come
They always do

So in the shadows
Do we now dwell
Reduced to hiding
From these mortals
We may die in thirst

I say we must rebel
For we are stronger
Shape shifters
With naught to fear
Let us rise in freedom

Remember little one
How they killed her
The way your mother
Was taken from us
When they found out

How can we fight back
They have too many weapons
Different ways to kill us
We can only use the night
But they can use the day

How can I not recall
My dearest father
The way she died
The cruelty of it all
Never feeding on them

Ripping her from our coven
Leaving us in eternal misery
Of a loss forever engraved
Yet, I cannot shake
My deep thirst for revenge

I am tired my little one
Feeling my true age
For too many centuries
This was my existence
Now you must carry on

My life is slowly fading
The coldness is close
You have fed from me
So you can be strong
Goodbye my little one

My father now gone
The ultimate sacrifice
Of an undying love
For his only daughter
Lost now am I – alone

A curse once bestowed
By the dark of night
Never to return
To the day of light
Losing all I have loved

With new found strength
I now hold – I will seek
The one who cursed us
In this living nightmare
For time is now immortal

Through the silence
Of the nights calling
I shall fight, with might
Striking – taking down
The prince of the night

Copyright © 2012 Lucy Martins and Chris Smith
All poetry by Lucy Martins and Chris Smith are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Kushal Poddar said...

we are stronger
Shape shifters
With naught to fear

We are. Our skins hold many forms and sometimes that too, changes.

alex-ness said...

Deliciously done

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you Kushal, so very true my friend =) Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts~

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the Delicious comment Alex, I greatly appreciate your thoughts~

Chris Smith said...

Enjoyed writing with you : )

Lucy Martins said...

Always a pleasure to write with you Chris, you encourage me to step outside the box and for that I am grateful =)

Anonymous said...

Such an infusion of two talented writers! Very profound and thought provoking! xoxo

Lucy Martins said...

Glad you enjoyed our collaboration Poppy, Chris is indeed a very talented writer =) Thank you for taking the time to read and post comment luv xoxo

Todd C said...

Excellent collab and buildup from two very talented writers! ..Thank You Lucy for pointing me to parts 1 &2...Going to read part 2 now...

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the love bestowed Todd =)