Saturday, September 12, 2015

Silent Rage In The Darkness II

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(A Collaboration with Poet Chris Smith)

Through the darkest night
I fear she is coming
Her purpose is too clear
For she brings only death
Destruction as she goes
Revenge within her heart

Long ago I hunted them
Destroying their evil kind
I murdered her own mother
Hunted her and her father
But she killed him herself
Now she rips through my army

I have searched and lashed out
Taking the life of vile mortals
As they have hunted endlessly
I hold no allegiance, nor regrets
Anger takes hold, as does thirst
Striking down all in my wake

Alone on a quest for revenge
Until justice is fully served
Searching out relentlessly
A mortal who took my mother
An immortal who cursed us
Into a life we did not choose

Once I would have laughed
That a female would fight
But she is a whore of Hell
Not human, a demon beast
Each decade I get older
But she remains in her prime

My army slowly deserts me
Fools! They cannot escape
She hunts them down
Ending their lives, one by one
But let the witch come for me
I will be waiting for her

I can feel he grows nearer
Getting weak in his age
I almost could pity him
As I remember my father
Yet I shall bestow no mercy
As he destroyed all I loved

The time has finally come
His army now diminished
I can almost taste victory
Approaching slowly upon him
As I look steadily in his eyes
I can see no fear, only hatred

Often have I wondered why
The anger towards my kind
His blood thirst in hunting
Asking him what have I done
What wrongs did my family
As we did not murder mortals

I refuse to answer her
That she was betrayed
By one of her own kind
A Dark Lord who used me
To destroy her family
For her mother spurned him

She prisons me in a cave
Tears out my own eyes
But still she won't let me die
Drains me and turns me now
As one of her hell kind
Amputates my legs

My daughters are with me
I can smell them in the dark
Sense them through my blindness
Then the hunger begins to take me
I tear them to pieces in blood lust
Why will she not let me die?

In furious rage I lash out in torture
Wanting him to answer my plea
Slowly I take his life piece by piece
Wanting him to suffer as I still do
The agony of a cursed life in hell
Being hunted down as animals

Now I look upon him in shame
Becoming now the vile fiend
Turning him into one of our kind
Maimed so that he cannot escape
Yet I know he shall heal quickly
Becoming alive in all awareness

Now there he is, feeding on his own
Destroying them as he did unto me
No longer shall I be alone in hiding
He shall serve me well, as I move on
The Dark Lord cannot elude me longer
As we create an army to destroy him

Copyright © 8/2012 Chris Smith and Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith and Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

My Heart is Broken


PMPope said...

Rather complex in the telling. I am able to dissect at least two differing voices in this narrative. My question, as a writer, is this: Are they different enough? Character development in poetry is quite the feat (has been since time immortal) I do believe this to be a component of a piece of great length.

Lucy Martins said...

I am at a loss for words Philip, I thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on this piece, as part three is already being prepared. I truly appreciate the time you always take to post comment -

Robert Wilson said...

This is fucking awesome!

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you kindly Robert for taking the time to read and share your thoughts, always appreciated -

Todd C said...

I am struck by the polarized view both muses take! :-)...Like in life...Each not understanding the others ways....and yet..somewhere...buried beneath the layers, there is a hint of commonality..respect for each others effective ways....Exceptional writing..I almost wish this was written in paragraph a book.. eliminating any pre conceived notions the reader will be reading a poem...Either way..Love the darkness of Both characters ...IE, both writers! Excellent!