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Silent Rage In The Darkness III (Collaboration with Poet Chris Smith)

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 Silent Rage In The Darkness III

The fool mortal is now dead
Allowing her to destroy him
He has betrayed me now
By exposing my existance
So a reckoning is coming
A final confrontation

I have the element of surprise
A secret kept through centuries
Where she could never win
So let her gather her army
Play these childish games of war
I am stronger than she knows

Until this day I have fought
A “monster” I now surrender
In turning others though vile
Into creatures of the night
I am not alone on this quest
As the hunter becomes my slave

Together preying on the wretched
Creating an army of our own kind
Seeking out to avenge this curse
Bestowed by the Dark Lord himself
I can still see his wicked features
As he delighted in turning us one by one

Perplexed, by thoughts and memoirs
Looking back on what once was
Seeing the road of reckless fury
Partaken as time passes swiftly by
Be there no time for lamentations
Growing stronger, wiser to cause

If only she was aware
How I have controlled her life
Letting her learn how to hate
To feed the fury within
This was planned from the beginning
From the moment of her birth

Our kind can rarely breed
She is destined to be Queen
To rule the darkest nights
But first she must confront me
Face the forbidden knowledge
Be consumed by darkness, forever

Her army will destroy all in their path
She is very close, I anticipate her now
Everything must go to the plan
From the moment I forced her mother
To carry my dark seed within her womb
But hid the secret, she never knew her true father

The battle has now begun, consumed by rage
I now destroy all those who dare challenge me
I can sense the Dark Lords presence close by
Yet, he keeps his distance watching intently
Sending more of his minions in distraction
A bloodlust pulsates wildly within my veins

I look back at the path of destruction unleashed
Gone astray are all sentiments of humanity
As darkness commences to consume my essence
At a turning point, where there is no redemption
Set free now is a darker side, which lay dormant
A merciless creature of the night I befall eternally

Approaching the Dark Lords lair, fear absconds
Newfound strength takes hold of my existence
Strangely, the surroundings flash within mind
As visions come into view, a feeling well known
An empire, foreseen in the darkest of my dreams
Turning, I now stand face to face with the “sire”

I have slain her army
Just as she slew mine
At last she now faces me
I planned it to be this way
Her sword drawn, she attacks

It would be so easy to kill her
But she must strike me down
Because I will be stronger again
Living on within her darkness
I tell her her true origins
Tell her of what is her future

How I planned her life, molded it
Planted a false father for her to kill
Knew she would feed on him
Explained how I sacrificed her mother
Used her mother for my own gains
So she would be born to carry on

I kneel before her, grinning for my death
But she hesitates with the killing blow
I shout at her to meet her destiny
Become the dark queen of the night
I demand she end my life so she can live
She looks at me, I can feel her rage

“No! I shall not take part of this plan
A monster you have turned me in
One that is not of my own accord
Strike me down and end this now
For here I now stand before you
To end this misery is my final vow “

He stares steadily in my eyes
Unsure of what is now to come
He rises before me defenseless
Defying me to strike him down
Taunting ceaselessly into rage
I stare into his eyes and speak

“Alone you shall be in knowledge
That your own flesh and blood
Prefers death over the throne
A creature of your own creation
I have become, but no more, I say!”
Taking her life, in his own disbelief

Copyright © 11/2012 Chris Smith and Lucy Martins
All poetry by Chris Smith and Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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