Monday, December 24, 2012

Fire & Ice

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Fire resides in my essence
An all-consuming flame
Burning deeply in the core
Awakened by only one
The soul’s desire of love
Never thought to be found

Though I may yearn for Ice
Freezing the root of my heart
To no longer feel, such sadness
Which fill these days – nights
In knowing, it shall be pointless
Missing you, my love, ceaselessly

The heart cannot hold boundaries
There can be no going back in time
Once awakened, it shall never die
Amid this silence, an absolute trial
To subsist with the passing of days
Longing the return of loves embrace

Copyright © 24/12/2012 Lucy Martins

All poetry by Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©


Poppy said...

Now that is art ♥

Lucy Martins said...

Thank you for the love Poppy, it goes in heart always <3