Friday, December 21, 2012

Sliding Through Your Fingers Like Liquid Gold – Collaboration with Starr Poetress

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I pray timelessly, that I have the strength to tell you how I feel,
Yet I fear at times that I cannot do so
I am almost scared to approach you,
It is not that your person repulses me
I cannot believe, you can truly see “me”

Given all that resides within and then some,
nothing can ever be good enough for you
As I pour out my emotions here – there
Yet, you are nowhere near, to be found
I once thought if I had the perfect piece,
you would look at me differently
Knowing now I was wrong – lost in translation

It was never your words that attracted me,
though they did not hurt, but appease
It was never your body that fascinated me,
though I would love to be pressed up against you
It was your loving eyes, that melted away barriers
How they revealed things, you thought I would never know

Yet, you still cannot see the real me, exposed for all to see
I have been in front of you all this time, calling without end
Yet, I am nonexistent, words be just another set of words
As they bleed, as I continue to press pen unto page,
in every piece writ in blood, I really wonder if you read

Feeling as if my voice slides through your fingers,
like the liquid gold of my heart pouring off of you
Do you see me, can you hear me from afar,
or am I just another fan addicted to you
I really do not know the answers,  but I beg it be different,
at least what I know to be true, is what resides in my heart

Copyright © 12/2012 Starr Poetress aka JRC / Lucy Martins

All poetry by Starr Poetress aka JRC / Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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