Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Transcending Barriers

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Transcending Barriers

A singular bond that transcends
Breaking – Surpassing all barriers
Invisible to the naked eye, yet known
Only by those who hold this key
Weakened states find strength
Within this circle to move on
Misery’s pain withdrawn solely
By the other finding solace
A force beyond imagination
Whispers of wisdom heard
Coming from distant shores
In minds-eye, feel the presence
As you fall within this embrace
Hear my song – as I sing to you
Heard is the song I lovingly chant
Laying aside, the strife withheld
Behold my ray of light - see me
As I guide you along set path
Take my hand knowing in core
I shall right every immoral act
As you walk through darkness
A haven held dear - well known
Standing ground in battle - forsaken
Will be each and every scar bestowed
Among toxic tongues - renounced
Makeshifts beds - are readily made
It is there all debts are paid ten-fold

Copyright © 2008/2016 Lucy Martins aka Deathwish

All poetry by Lucy Martins/Deathwish are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©

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